Since 2009, Holly’s Cupcake Shop has delighted customers all over Georgia with a variety of fresh, scratch baked cupcake creations. Moist and delicious, each cupcake is handmade using only the finest ingredients. With more than 30 flavors, ranging from the simple to the sublime, you are sure to find a favorite!

At our cupcake shop, you’ll find a variety of cupcakes that are a delicious, sophisticated twist on an American classic. Unlike other cupcake shops, we don’t use boxed cake mix and bucket icing. We use all-natural ingredients, like sweet cream butter and farm-fresh eggs. Some of our cupcakes are infused with fruit; others are swirled with nuts and melted chocolate. Each one is topped with our homemade icing, sure to make your mouth water before the very first bite.

Each day, we bake 6 of our tried-and-true favorites, plus a selection of cupcakes from our daily menu. Visit today to discover your new favorite!